Michael KnowlesMichael Knowles is an author, musician, and entreprenuer. He helps bring out the best in people and organizations. MaximumYou specializes in working with business owners and professionals who with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Michael is the author of Maximum You: Four Weeks to Unlocking Your Creative Life, The Anxiety Triage Kit, and is co-author of The Entrepreneur’s Concept Assessment Toolbook.

As a communication consultant, Michael works with organizations to make sense of complex, wicked problems and create organizational memory.

Michael was born in Durham, North Carolina, and spent the first 18 years of his life in several different small towns in the state’s Piedmont region. Plagued from early childhood with what he calls “the terrors,” he struggled with anxiety and depression for 32 years.

A trip into drugs and alcohol addiction derailed his college career with but 10 hours left to graduate. Michael entered rehab in the fall of 1992, and subsequently recovered from addiction and alcoholism.

Still deeply troubled by anxiety and depression, however, he embarked on an intense odyssey of personal exploration and growth that led him to the realization that the only true cure for anxiety and depression was a combination of habits of mind and habits of body unique to the individual sufferer.

Thus, he saw that the only way out was through the door he had to create for himself!

Through a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual techniques, Michael built a set of mental, physical, and spiritual practices and techniques that teach sufferers how to build their own doorways to new life.

Having found his personal answer, Michael now devotes his life to teaching others how to discover their unique answers and thereby create the lives they deserve to live.