October 31, 2010

How to Stop Worrying — Forever

Here’s my one-sentence prescription for how to put an end to worry: Stop living in non-reality and making up stories. Yes, I’m telling you to get present and get over it.

Whenever you worry, you are living in non-existence. And reality is STILL the only place to get a good ice cream cone.

Oh you worry-worts, ever making up horrible tales of the worst that can happen and believing they are true! You create a story about losing everything, and suddenly all you can think about is how horrible it WILL be to lose it all. Yet you’ve lost nothing. All you’ve done is created a cheap two-dimensional matte painting of your fears that wouldn’t even make it in an old C-grade horror film.

When you’re worrying, you’re spending all that time between your ears being afraid of something that does not exist. You have your head planted in the mist. Your feet are where they are and your mind is elsewhere, so your body tenses in response. You experience anxiety and panic disorders. You become ill and suffer from a variety of physical ailments that would disappear if only you would be where your feet are.

Be where your feet are, always. You cannot worry if you are always present. That’s the most practical advice I ever got.

Be where your feet are.

Tall order? Sure it is if you, like me, struggled with worry and anxiety for most of your life. But it’s only a habit, and habits can be changed IF you want to change them badly enough. If I can do it, you can, too.But, hey, they’re your fictions. Live there if you like what’s happening in your life.

Or stop living in non-reality.

Your move.

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