February 21, 2010

How to Have All the Success You Want

Where would you store 104,445 books?

If you were to purchase every book on success available at Amazon.com right now, that’s how many you’d have. Seems as though success is a pretty hot topic, and why not? Everyone wants success. No surprise, right? After all, you want success for your life.

Of course you do. So I’m going save you the trouble of purchasing 104,445 books and tell you exactly how to have all the success you want.

It starts where you are right now.

Deliver Effective, Purposeful Action  in Service of Others

Well, now, that’s simple enough. Performing that one activity — I call it EPASO for short — from the right perspective will guarantee all the success you can possibly stand. The results of EPASO are far-reaching. When performed from the right perspective, thousands and even millions of people benefit from doing it as effectively and as inoffensively as you possibly can.

So what’s the right perspective all about? The right perspective for success is about knowing what you want for you life, doing what you want in life, and delivering to others what they need to help them get what THEY want. Success is creative, never competitive. Success is large, not small. Success is always seeking alternatives. Success is doing what works.

The right perspective of success is built on personal certainty, the faith that you will be able to respond appropriately to whatever life brings your way.

Know Specifically What You Want for Your Life

Success is knowing specifically what you want from life. If you are vague about what you want, all you’ll receive is vapor. When you can clearly imagine what you want for your life, in every aspect and with ever-increasing detail, you have made the first step toward it.

But imagination is not enough. You must act where you are right now with a certainty of mind that the life you want is coming to you. It’s within your grasp right now. It is as real as the last dime in your pocket. Life is always reaching for greater and fuller expression, so you must honor the natural urge to grow and become all of what you were born to be. Keep always the specific image of what you want in your mind as you go about your day. Then do what you can do as completely and as successfully as possible each day.

As you get specific about what you want for your life, identify the things you want to have, do, and be in your life and calculate the income require to bring what you want to fruition. Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, provides a great way of getting specific about what you want in a process he calls dreamlining. It’s a simple process and an effective focusing agent. In essence: Add up the cost of the things you want and what you need to be and do what you want, then determine the income you must generate to have them. Once you know that number, act in your present situation in such a way that you generate that income.

Easier said than done? Maybe. But my own experience has been that when I focus myself specifically and act with certainty and faith in service of others, remarkable things happen that seem to come out of nowhere. That’s success in life.

Feed Your Mind Well

Never look back at past  mistakes except to extract information about what not to do. When something doesn’t work, add that to your “things that don’t work” database, just as Thomas Edison did. Never beat yourself up for the missteps of your past.

Keep your attention focused on the idea of increase, and act so as to insure increase for all with whom you interact.

Disregard all “news” of a negative or derogatory nature. The fate of celebrities or of someone two cities over is of no importance in your life. Bringing your attention to death and mayhem only feeds a lower vision of life. Be mindful about what you consume. It’s all well and good to know what’s going on in the world, but look always for examples of increase and opportunities to give increase to all.

Never Abandon What You Do Best

Be faithful to what you do best, for when you align what you do best with the purpose to serve you will always enjoy the greatest success. In fact, by keeping the image of what you want and how you want to live clear in your mind as you do what you do best, you find a new freedom and greater energy in your life. Magical thinking is not required. And what’s wonderful about this process is that it works when applied with certainty through EPASO (see above).

Success is simple, perhaps even easy. Success requires consistent faith and gratitude as you act with certainty in what you do best each day. Success in life demands your complete attention and your unwillingness to settle for anything less than what you want from it.

Stop now. Take a long, hard look at your life. Do you have the enjoyment and excitement you want? If you want more from life, then write down the specific details of what you want. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. See yourself living that life NOW. See yourself having, doing, and being what you want. Then bring the attention of your action to bear about helping others get what they want.

You will find the success you desire. No one can keep you from it.

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