December 26, 2009

Yes, There Are Angels and Prayers Are Always Answered

The oddest thing about prayer is that it is always answered. It’s never a Yes or No answer, either, dramatic statements in television programs and movies notwithstanding.

What you think or believe about prayer — or who/what may answer it — doesn’t affect its efficacy, either. The answers to prayers always come.

We are, however, often too arrogant or self-involved to perceive the answer. Our suppositions, positions, and inhibitions blind us often as not. In our desperate urgency to get The Answer we roll right past where it sits patiently on the sidelines, smiling, waiting patiently for us to stop and pay attention.

Answers are never disguised. They are responses to the real request or need underlying what we believe our need is.

I don’t know about you, but I always believe I know what I need. My “needs” usually fall into one of three categories: More of “A,” less of “B,” or (my favorite) “rescue me from the consequences of my own choices and actions.” But as I have repeatedly and often painfully learned, I’m usually looking in the wrong places for the answers to the challenges in my life.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the truth is that I came with all the answers I needed preloaded into the old MOS (Mikey Operating System). Just like the computer you buy, it’s all inside.

All I have to do is stay present with any problem I encounter without wishing it to be any different. The answer always comes.

I’ve seen angels, too, though never ones with wings. I see one in a friend who hears my complaints and loves me anyway… in the person who waves me in ahead of them in traffic… and in the bell ringer standing outside my grocery store.

Every now and then, if I’m not looking too hard, I see one in my mirror.

Just like you.

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