September 18, 2009

Suggestions for Creating a Clear Vision of Your Life

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. — Robert Bresson

Vision transforms into action via clarity.

So to get what you want from life, you must imagine it first. The more detail you bring into your vision, the easier it will be for that vision to become the daily truth of your life.

As you go about designing your life, use the suggestions and questions below as thought provokers and vision expanders. If a suggestion doesn’t apply to you, ignore it. Do a little every day, and watch your life change.

  • A mysterious benefactor just bought you the dwelling of your dreams, perfect in every detail. You’re being flown to it in a helicopter. Starting from far up in the air, describe your new home in ever-increasing detail. Where is it, specifically. Is it in an urban or rural setting? Which country is it in? Land and walk in. Smell it, touch it, hear it, see it. What’s it like?
  • Now that rent or mortgage is no longer an expense, you suddenly realize that you no longer have to earn a living — you can do anything you want, be of use in any way that pleases you. What do you do now?
  • What is your biggest dream, the one you’ve never fully explored? Explore it now.
  • You’ve decided to start your own business. Not merely a self-employed job, but a business. What does it do for you? For others?
  • You’re able to take two months off every year. What, specifically, do you do with all that time?

Now go and create that life for yourself and loved ones.

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