September 14, 2009

Trust Your Vision

There are few precedents to guide us in the rebirth of our dream, only the possibility that as we leap into the unknown we will have the courage to create the lives and society we so desperately want. — Frederic M. Hudson

Terrible trouble.

That’s the secret, oddly enough, to writing good comedy or good drama. A cycle of ever-increasing tension, followed by its climactic release, can bring tears or laughter. Drama and comedy both remind us that life moves through tragedy and humor, leaving people behind who either give up, frustrated and desperate, or who stand again and move forward.

It’s vision that moves us forward. Vision is the fuel of the heart more than any other thing. It is what keeps the flame of courage burning bright.

But there are days when vision seems to fail us. It is difficult to perceive a better future when we’re caught in the travails of our own terrible troubles. The story of fear our minds create as we peer into the unknown can bring even the greatest to their knees.

That’s why having vision and refining it every day is so important. If you want something better for your life, you must become a master of vision.

Vision is more than dreaming. It is at once the ability to see both the outcome you truly desire and the steps that lead you there. The more clearly you see, feel, and hear the total vision, the easier it is to take the steps to reach the outcome.

Clear vision transforms us into creatures of positive action. When a dream becomes a vision, movement begins. We gain momentum. We move into the vision itself almost automatically.

Seek and ye shall find if at first you clearly visualize the world of the desired result. The key is to bring precision into your vision practice. You must be clear on the desired outcome.

See your life the way you truly want to be living it. Experience it in your mind with ever-increasing detail. Go where your physical energy goes — you’re on the right track when you feel energized.

When you experience the dream, don’t worry if at first it’s difficult to “see” pictures of it in your mind. Bring all your senses to bear. What does your vision feel like? Smell like? Sound like? Taste like?

Specifics transform vision into action.

This week, consider what you truly want for your life. Whether that life includes rock climbing, gardening, or travel (or all three!), see it as though it were a fact right now. Ignore all imagined obstacles. You know what you want, deep inside.

Imagine it and watch yourself naturally begin creating it.

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