August 10, 2009

The Constant Rhythm of Your Essential Life

Passion alone is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Listen now.

You can hear it all around you. Sit in silence for a moment near an open window in late afternoon. Hear the loudest sound, then beneath it ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred subtler sounds.

Cars ride by. Children laugh and cry. A dog barks and a bird flits by. The electric warm sounds of summer buzz in your ear.

Yet there is something more, a steady hum, a throbbing of another, stronger rhythm on top of which the summer symphony floats.

It’s the background noise of your life.

Further now. Extend your mind and imagine that you’re dropping deeper, sinking into the surging river carrying the world along. Steady, sure, and powerful, it conveys you on the raft of your attention down through swirling eddies and the occasional plunge into white water.

Let yourself flow into the vastness of its magic. Feel it feed the gentle currents of your mind, washing strife and struggle away, cleansing the fissures and canyons of your consciousness. The great water flushes out all that holds you hostage: assumptions, fears, doubts, regrets, and resentments.

Stepping out of the raft of your fertile imagination, you know in your heart that all is well. From greener fields once more the sounds of summer com, calling you back from your journey. Refreshed, you move back into the day, walking on to other places, other tasks.

You hear footsteps, and they’re your own, and you smile as you notice you’re moving to the rhythm beneath the sounds of summer.

The constant rhythm of your essential life.

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