July 13, 2009

Be the Prosperity You Want to See in the World

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. — Leonardo da Vinci

The word “prosper” means, “to cause to succeed.”

Prosperity therefore is the result of action.

Prosperity does not happen because someone else creates it. Prosperity happens when you make a decision to go out and take positive action to bring it about.

Prosperity does not happen by wishing for it. Prosperity occurs in my life when I use active imagination to visualize it, and then engage the world through that vision.

Seek not a job. Seek instead to find or create situations in which value can be beneficially exchanged between yourself and others. The more people you serve, the greater the opportunity.

Seek mutual assured prosperity.

Prosperity happens when people interact with the intent to help others get what they want. That means you must first understand the desires of those you seek to serve.

Prosperity is not the result of magical thinking, though its working can seem mysterious.

Prosperity is not created by having the items on your desk arranged just so.

When prosperity happens, the desk is often dusty, and there are cobwebs around the coffee pot. People look for you in your office and you are not there. Surprise! You’re standing with them!

Prosperity comes into being when people of good will stop asking, “How will I survive?” and instead ask, “What can I create today? And who can I serve?”

Prosperity does not happen to people who believe “the gods are against them.” No victim ever prospers.

Prosperity happens because we show up for it. Prosperity happens when we expect it.

Go forth this week, friend, and prosper.

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