June 26, 2009

Pause and Reflect

All that is hurrying
soon will be over with;
only what lasts can bring
us to the truth.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

In the midst of ten thousand things we seek The Answer. Who knew it could come only in a quiet moment, when our guard is down. Confused, weary from the struggle to make sense, we’re caught by surprise: Sense of its own accord comes upon us quietly.

In the moment we give ourselves to a simple shower… to a child’s embrace… to the scent of jasmine floating on the air from an unseen garden… an Answer comes unbidden.

And we laugh. It was there, all the time, waiting until we gave up striving and became open to receive.

We cannot wrest answers from the Universe. Yet It holds them out, palm open, waiting to drop them into open hearts.

Make a space this weekend. Now, even better. Pause and reflect. Feel the Inner Compass. It’s already pointing to True North.

Take a breath.

Ah — the right path is at your feet.

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