June 5, 2009

The Three Practices of Success

The reward for work well done is more work. — Jim Butcher

Read today’s news and you’ll see it everywhere.

Struggle. Fear. People striving to manage their lives in the face of a shifting economy.

Yet I know quite a few people who seem immune to the changes going on. they’re actually approaching life with what Earl Nightingale called an attitude of cheerful expectancy. They have tenacity, resiliency, and persistence.

What makes these people so different? Most aren’t independently wealthy — far from it, in fact — though all have maintained an income through the ups and downs of the economy over the years. Many have seen their investments (if they had any) torn to shreds. And all have had their share of personal calamities.

What they all have in common is three practices:

  1. Faith in something bigger than themselves. Whether God, Allah, Buddha, the Tao, or the sweet ongoingness of things, they all practice faith that cancels out all self-doubt and despair.
  2. Gratitude. These people contemplate the things they’re thankful for every morning before they rise, and every night before retiring.
  3. Engagement. People who engage the world and look for opportunities to serve than be served enjoy a level of happiness and fulfillment others can never know. They create their own opportunities in life by applying what they do consistently well in service to others.

If you want prosperity in your life right now… if you want to know real freedom and happiness… then adopt these three practices in your own life. Give it thirty days, and don’t be surprised when you find opportunities appearing unexpectedly.

Remember: The reward for work well done is more work.

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