May 11, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Write It Out

Sometimes you just have to write it out,
The storms will rage, the drowning shout,
Swinging low from a ten-foot pole,
Feels like the world wants to take your soul.

Shaken, but still unbroken…

Sometimes the only release is letting it all flow out. Whether through pen or song, voice or keyboard, the cure often comes only with the pouring out of whatever thoughts may bind you.

There is a healing force within you that will guide you through the storm of words. No matter what you believe — or don’t believe, for that matter — what works to wrench yourself free from anxiety’s grasp is the release of that trapped energy.

For anxiety is just that. Trapped energy. Information. A message waiting to be released from the cage formed by the bars of an unknowable future, forged in the heat of a forgotten past.

My anxiety always told a story of ridicule, abandonment, and pain. That there is no safety in this world, and nothing is dependable.

And it was right. Nothing is dependable.


Except my ability to choose what to do with what the world delivers to my door. I came to believe that purpose is the canvas on which I can draw the vision of my life. No matter what life brings my way, I can use the raw materials it supplies to create something that serves.

I can write the good news I want to see in the world.

So when you recognize that old tale your anxiety loves to tell, spill it out. Look and listen for the message it has to give.

Sometimes you just have to write it out.

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