April 24, 2009

3 Keys to Overcoming Anxiety Forever

You know it’s happening before you even have a thought about it.

That awful pain in your chest, like an iron band squeezing your pounding heart. Suddenly you can’t breathe. Your palms sweat. Your head, neck, and shoulders tighten. Your mind races uncontrollably, and you feel as though you cannot move.

Some people tell me they feel as though their brains are going to explode.

That’s a full-blown anxiety attack. And if you have them, you’re not alone. Over 40,000,000 people in the United States suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It is the fastest growing malady in these hectic, precarious times.

I suffered from anxiety attacks and depression from the age of eight until I was almost 40. That’s a long time time suffering, struggling through life, settling for whatever relief I could get — and not always the smartest relief, either. I tried everything from medications to affirmations, even drugs and alcohol.

I asked myself, why? Why couldn’t I live the life I truly wanted? Was I doomed to get only brief snatches of happiness?

I decided I was unwilling to live a life trapped by fear and depression. The more I researched and studied about anxiety, the mind, and the body, the more I realized that most doctors and psychiatrists had the picture all wrong.

There is no single magic pill that can cure anxiety.

You are unique in every way: Unique in your talents, your beliefs, your habits, your thoughts, and your biochemistry. Of course there’s no single, canned fix that works for everyone.

A generic, off-the-rack fix simply does not work over the long term.

That means the key to breaking out of anxiety and unlocking a rich, creative life is in your hands.

But you are not alone.

I determined that there are three keys to breaking through the anxiety that locked me up and robbed me of life’s rich pageant:

  1. Short-circuiting the anxiety cycle.
  2. Creating life-affirming Habits of Mind.
  3. Choosing the right Habits of Body for my unique physical and biochemical needs.

That little list may seem overwhelming. But over the next four weeks I’m going to show you that this three-step process is the simple, permanent solution to a lifetime of anxiety. I’m declaring May as National Anxiety Recovery Month.

You do not have to suffer or struggle. All you need is the unwillingness to have your life continue in this way, and the decision to do whatever it takes to reclaim your mind and create the life you truly desire.

No magical thinking required.

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