April 17, 2009

Habits of Mind, Habits of Body

When you fail to practice trust in your ability to respond positively and appropriately to whatever happens, you perform an act of treachery against yourself.

I used to joke that “Maximum You” was a about the world’s fastest sheep.

“Maximum Ewe.” Get it?

Okay, I love groaners.

But then it occurred to me that my little joke revealed something that blocked me from completely stepping fully into my role as a business and personal coach. It was my way of hedging my bets. Of giving into old mental habits and echoes from years ago — fears that if people truly saw me as I am, they would ridicule me.

I’m grateful that I no longer to listen to such thoughts. In fact, they seldom come up anymore, and if they do, I can observe them, note that they aren’t reality, and affirm the truth of my life.

The truth of my life is that I happen to be good at helping people avoid difficulties while they’re still easy. And especially good at helping those who are trapped by anxiety and depression caused by poor habits of mind and body.

Understanding how habits of mind and habits of body affect well- being is the key to unlocking your best, creative life. For no matter what your worst thoughts tell you, you do have control over what you do, who you are, and what you can reap from this life.

Look at Your Habits

Let’s look at those habits for a moment. Habits of mind is the phrase I use to describe:

  • What you say to yourself about yourself.
  • What you say to yourself about others.
  • Your perceptions and what you do with them.
  • Your beliefs.
  • Your values.
  • What you say to yourself about others.
  • The material you admit into your mind through books, magazines, television, and other media sources.

You are in control of those habits of mind. It’s all your choice. the habits you choose directly affect what you get from your life.

The great business coach Steve Chandler, author of “Fearless,” reminds me that being fearless is all about choosing what I am going to do with what happens.

Your habits of body have the same sort of impact on your life. If you want to feel great, observe what you eat. If you consume a lot of processed foods and sugars, you’re not going to feel very good.

Creating the Life You Want

You can create a wonderful life for yourself. You do not have to tie your happiness to anything outside yourself. You have the opportunity to choose freedom right now, in this moment. Magical thinking is not required.

Though the results you obtain will amaze and astound you.

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