August 15, 2008

The Power of Write-Thinking

Trust that you know what and when
You have more answers than you know.
Sit in silence with your pen
And watch the truth before you flow.

The wee hours of the morning are full of magic. The mind is half awake, malleable, not yet preoccupied by the requirements of the day.

That’s why early morning is the perfect time to capture your raw, creative juice. I call this process Write-Thinking.

In the quiet of the early morning, with no one speaking, no computers, no distractions, the mind is pliable. It’s more open to suggestion and exploration than at any other time of day. In the first 30 minutes after awakening, you’ll discover mysteries and truths that can otherwise elude you.

Relax and let your mind float in the just-awakened state. With pen in hand, observe what floats by on the early stream of consciousness. Then simply write down what you see.

Here, your Essential Self is at its most accessible. Your mind is unclouded. Use this time to ask questions of your Essential Self. Express your doubts and fears. Then listen for the answers that will always come.

Begin in a place where you can be undisturbed. Make it clear to others that you wish to be left alone for 30 minutes.

Sit, then, with your pen and paper. Let your consciousness flow onto the page. Begin in this way: Select the first word that comes to your mind. Write it down. Do not struggle. Let the words come forward as they come, whether they appear to make sense or not.

I have found that the mind responds especially well to questions, such as, “What shall I do now?” or “Where is my heart today?” But you needn’t ask a question to get results. Even a few nonsense words will kick-start the closed mind, cracking it open like a fresh egg.

Let the mind release and flow. Force nothing. You’ll discover simple truths. You will find the answers to your most difficult questions will appear before you, as though they were stored in the pen itself while you were sleeping.

Bring your presence to the page. And behold the presents your Essential Self bestows.


Begin your morning writing practice this weekend, before exercise, breakfast, or meditation. As soon as you awaken, bring the pen to paper.

Be sure to communicate with your family or roommate(s) and let them know that you need some quiet space. Honor yourself in this way, and you will discover treasures from within!

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