August 1, 2008

What a Little Kitten Taught Me

Focus on what you do not want
And worries will never cease.
Give yourself to the Journey –
Find everlasting peace.

Last Christmas, we were blessed to be caring for a little kitten named Tucker. My wife fosters, you see, and Tucker was one of two kittens we took in. Tucker was the runt of the litter, and had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). His sister, Lizzie, is a sweet calico who is still with us.

Tucker passed away in early January 2008, sitting in my wife’s lap.

I was reading through my journal the other day, and came across the following entry:

Here’s little Tucker man in my lap now. Who knows how long he will be with us. We thought he was going to die two weeks ago, but he’s rallied to a certain extent.

Despite the fact that he can no longer walk, he pulls himself around to eat and use the litter box He follows Susan in the morning, and responds to love with gusto and much purring.

He was quite alert that day. And I learned something more about living and life from little Tucker:

  • Love is truly the most powerful force in the Universe. Though death may come, still love outlasts it.
  • The will to live is strong, and stronger yet when there is something or someone to live for.
  • Never surrender. Love against the dying of the light.
  • There is no pain so great that a little purring can’t make better.
  • Courage is a practice, not a trait.

We were as lucky to have Tucker in our lives as he was to have us caring for him.

Onward, then. Now is the Creative Moment.

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