July 11, 2008

The Company You Keep

Research has shown — and practical experience demonstrates — that the environment we create for ourselves has a profound effect on our mood and attitude. Color, for example is used to set the tone in an office, bedroom, or home. Many people consult feng shui specialists to ensure that their living or working environments are arranged for maximum “flow.”

Are we as discerning when it comes choosing the people with whom we associate? Our social and relationship “environments” deeply influence our mood and attitude, too. Yet how often do we attend social or family events out of obligation, rather than for the promise of fellowship and joy?

Are there people in your life who exhaust your energy? If you frequently associate with people who leave you feeling tense, drained, or exhausted, ask yourself why you’re allowing them into your personal environment.

Your beliefs about yourself and others have a role to play in how you feel, of course. If you feel “less than” around others, that’s your self-limiting beliefs getting in the way. But being conscious about those with whom you associate means choosing friends and family for the potential exchange of joy and values you can have with them.

One-way relationships always drain us. All relationships are about Beneficial Value Exchange — we give and are open to receive.

Why not associate with people who energize you and who are, in turn, energized by you? Create the social environment that syncs up with the life you want to live, and your relationships will always be rich, joyful, and abundant.

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