June 13, 2008


Regardless of where you’ve been this week, the best decision you can make right now is to set aside time this weekend to let the fields of your mind lie fallow.

Granted, you may be working this weekend, and sometimes it’s important to do so.


…If you work without making time to recuperate and recharge, you’ll develop what I call “mindinitis” — tendonitis of the mind.

I’ve had a nagging case of tendonitis in the shoulder that I brought on from doing the same sort of exercise over and over again past the point where I should have stopped. It’s a repetitive motion injury that I caused by not taking time to let my body recuperate from strenuous workouts.

The result? I had to stop doing those workouts for a couple of months. Two cortisone shots and a lot of physical therapy later, I’m fine, thanks. But I could have avoided the whole thing simply by making rejuvenation a part of my physical workout.

In the same way, rejuvenation is a key part of the mental workout. Don’t succumb to mindinitis! Make time for yourself today!


Set aside at least ninety minutes this weekend to let your mind rest from the week’s exertions. Try one or more of the following:

  • Walk — no MP3 player, please. Listen, look, smell, feel the world around you. Be where your feet are.
  • Visit a park. Sit and watch children at play. What would it be like if you could take that state of mind back to work with you next week?
  • If you have a digital camera, try this playful exercise: Go out and take between 20 and 30 pictures at random. Go home and print them, then cut them out. Lay them out on a table or on the floor and put them in a sequence that tells a story about an issue or problem that’s been on your mind lately. Watch what happens!

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