June 6, 2008


I remember it as though it were yesterday: May 1992. I was driving home, caught in an anxiety trance about my marriage, my business, and my life. The troubles of the world swirled around me in a cyclone, and it was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road.

At last I could take it no longer, and I cried out, “Why isn’t anything dependable?”

That’s when it hit me: Nothing is dependable — except for my capacity to choose what I do with what happens.

The cyclone stopped as though it had never happened. The “problems” I’d been anxious about weren’t problems anymore. In that instant I found clarity in the Creative Moment and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that, because I had the freedom to choose, I was already okay.


This weekend, set aside 30 minutes for time in silence. Locate a quiet, peaceful spot, and be still with the world. Write or draw, if you like. But say nothing. Listen to life as it’s happening. Listen to the wind… the words tossing about in your head… people passing by… birds and bees.

What happens when you listen to it all at once? And if your mind is chattering, who is observing the chatter?

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